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Intelligent software for business automation for logistics

We develop Logistics Processes Automation (LPA) solutions capable of automating or eliminating routine and error-prone tasks.

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Global Enterprise Customer

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Reduce your operational cost by 25%

Improve Logistics efficiency by 20%

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Why Choose Us

When our team gets together, great things start to happen. We can solve incredibly complex problems and come up with unexpected yet genius solutions.

We have generated millions of dollars for our clients in savings.

We are always excited to help our customers understand how Robotic Automation Software and Artificial Intelligence can help their companies increase business efficiency, lower costs, reduce risks, and improve competitiveness.

20% Reduction in
manual operations
100% Streamlined
realtime data analysis
23% Increase in
planning efficiency
25% Operation
cost savings
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Why Now

Logistics has the highest growth rate of digitalization, but it is regarded as the least automated sector due to the complexity of the processes.

As experts in business process automation, we create strategies for business optimization and develop technological solutions for streamline operation.

“Exponential problems require exponential solutions.”

Abhinav Chaudhary,
Founder and CEO

How We Do It

We understand what it takes for Logistic Service providers to have successful transformation and successful digitalization.

We look at how organizations can use artificial intelligence (AI) to make better use of their data and resources. AI allows the analysis of data and recognizes certain trends and patterns in their operational processes.

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ad hotel group automation by fero
ad hotel group automation by fero
black pearl ai automated by fero
century express automated by fero
fendale automated operation by fero
fendale automated operation by fero
fendale automated operation by fero
gulftainer automated operation powered by fero
novatis logo fgd distribution automated by fero
perfetto trading llc delivery and operation automation by fero
nespresso perfetto automation by fero
petrochem automated operation by fero
red sea geteway terminal ai automation by fero
RSA Global powered by fero
sevenseas automation powered by fero

TiA is very adaptable and will work with any of your existing technologies, bond them together and orchestrate collaborative workflow.

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