Workflow Logistics Order

Omnichannel work collation & distribution via algorithms.

Workflow Ops leverages organizations to automate their processes and events across various internal and external stakeholders. Due to diverse task initiation channels, it is imperative that the information flow is converged and orchestration (either for decision making or communication) is automated to reduce dependencies of retraining, and reskilling the human workforce.

Key Features

  • User-defined info flows and processes
  • Cyclic segments of processes to enable information capture or decisions alignment
  • Customizable automation of touch points
  • Customizable ‘Extent’ of automation within workflows

Key Benefits

  • Suit instinct nature of logistics setup (niche to mass logistics operations)
  • Encompass dependencies from external stakeholders
  • Provides elasticity for vertical and horizontal scalability of processes
  • Ensures flexibility of internal and external compliance issues as per changing scenarios

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