Trip Planning

Constraints-based or ML-based trip optimization

The Trip Planning module is a critical element of distribution management. A combination of critical input parameters and complex optimization algorithms are used to intelligently and autonomously calculate the ideal distribution of orders across a fleet of vehicles. This feature ensures that each vehicle has the most efficient allocation of orders, based on constraints such as loading time, customer delivery window, delivery locations, and traffic data. In the long run, this system will ensure that fleet are utilized to their full potential and delivery routes are built to reflect elevated cost-saving and fleet utilization.

trip planning

Key Features

  • Vehicle compartment optimization
  • Delivery sequence optimization
  • Vehicle capacity optimization
  • Fleet utilization optimization
  • Permit validations
  • Zone validations

Key Benefits

  • Cost-saving
  • Time saving
  • AI based trip analytics
  • Team members can be re-skilled to utilize this software
  • Flexibility in optimizing and designing trips according to operation requirements

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