Pricing Coordinators (TiA)

Conversation module for quotes, booking requests & procurement

Quick sourcing of a precise estimate pricing is a game-changer for businesses in logistics and supply chain TiA's Pricing Coordinator avatar is developed just for that. From storing millions of pricing-related data to estimating the proper price for a Customer RFQ request, we've got you covered. TiA is available through several communication channels to respond to customer quotations and booking requests by comprehending and capturing the various parameters required to execute the relevant steps.

To satisfy the customer's pricing needs, TiA's pricing coordinator employs a variety of machine learning clustering algorithms as well as suggestion strategies. TiA's pricing coordinator may also fetch and collect pricing data from a variety of sources, including APIs, excel sheets, and Liner Agent through conversations. As a result, TiA's Pricing Coordinator roles fulfill all of your requirements for automating pricing-related business functions in the Logistics and Supply Chain ecosystem.

pricing coordinator tia

Key Features

  • On-demand pricing
  • Clustering enables an approach to fill the gaps in pricing data
  • Multilingual support for pricing conversations
  • Customizable pricing procurement from multiple sources
  • Customizable pricing parameter capturing

Key Benefits

  • Customer behavior tracking and analysis
  • Systematic customer approach in a human-like way
  • Insight on the pricing for repetitive pricing request
  • Acts as lead generation tool

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