Operation Coordinator (TiA)

Multiple-use cases communication from order placement to track & trace for various Freight Modes

The backbone of the logistics and supply chain domain is operations. TiA's operation coordinator role is to automate all micro-tasks required to manage and maintain seamless operations on a daily basis. TiA controls vertical and horizontal communication of all stakeholders involved in Operation(s) using generic to specific stakeholder management strategies, progressing toward achieving 100 percent transparency.

TiA can be thought of as your go-to digital robot for automating your operation by providing on-demand asynchronous updates. TiA is trained over 1000+ criteria and procedures to manage Order placement to tracking to capture multiple milestones of the Order life cycle, whether by sea, air, land, or courier. This, in turn, aids businesses in achieving maximum customer satisfaction and improves operations to benefit the business(es) by removing all bottlenecks as quickly as possible, resulting in a Domino effect for cost savings.

operation coordinator tia

Key Features

  • Order life cycle management by Capturing & Maintaining all milestones
  • Order placement can be done through multiple channels
  • On-demand, deferred request updates on Order life cycle.
  • Stakeholder management through real-time communication

Key Benefits

  • Helps manage transparent Order life cycle
  • Provide timely Alert in case of any issue(s)
  • Handle & resolve major of Operation(s) related quire in real-time with human intervention
  • Train for All mode of operation.

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