Invoicing Tool

Automation of event-based invoice generation.

Invoicing module functions on the aspect of observing Cost vs Revenue realization on the execution of services for customers. Fero’s invoicing tool helps users to approve/reject transporter invoices and at the same time compare the revenue associated with raising invoices to their end customers. It helps track the history of expenses incurred at an individual trip level to prevent revenue leakage.

invoicing tools

Key Features

  • Option for Transporters to raise Invoices for consolidated / trip level
  • Approval lifecycle by Admin for Cost Invoices
  • Reflection of Freight charges from Contracts
  • Automated notifications through channels like WhatsApp and Email

Key Benefits

  • Transporters can raise Proforma Invoices for approval to reduce redundancy of Invoicing
  • Reduced credit period for Customers and Transporters due to advance approval
  • Option to Invoice at a trip level / consolidated or customer wise
  • On-demand statuses of the invoice provided through Voice and Whatsapp to Transporters

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