Fleet Management

Digital robots to manage your fleet

Managing a Fleet is one of the most important tasks in the logistics industry. It allows organizations to manage and coordinate their delivery vehicles. Fleet management is used for not just vehicles but also to monitor and record couriers and delivery personnel/Drivers. Managing the fleet efficiently ensures deliveries and jobs are completed on time with increased fleet utilization.

fleet management

Key Features

  • Driver and Vehicle Scheduling
  • Driver Routes
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Operations Management
  • Expense Management
  • 3rd Party Driver and Vehicle onboarding
  • FMS Reports
  • Flexibility to Assign, Unassign, and Reassign Driver and Vehicle
  • Location Tracking

Key Benefits

  • Increased visibility
  • Managed and coordinated delivery vehicles
  • Monitoring of Fleet Activities / Tracking
  • Decision Making
  • Automated and streamlined dispatching
  • Proactive vehicle maintenance/Safety Maintenance
  • Reduced Cost/Increased Fleet Utilization
  • Optimized efficiency

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