Dispatch Coordination

Automated Asynchronous communication to manage multi-channel delivery parameters

Dispatch coordination is a feature that ensures visibility across the dispatch operations of any business. Whether it's through a desktop or mobile app, once an optimized trip has been confirmed and started by your driver, maintain full clarity and visibility on exactly what's happening between your orders, routes, drivers, and vehicles. Dispatch coordination ensures a unified platform for communication, document sharing, and status updates at any point of the order dispatch lifecycle.

dispatch coordination

Key Features

  • Dynamic Communication between dispatch teams, drivers, and customers
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Live status updates
  • Driver tracking
  • Planned vs actual vehicle route visibility
  • Accessible logs for order specific user management

Key Benefits

  • Absolute clarity and visibility on dispatch coordination
  • Real-time updates on driver and vehicle locations
  • Automatic notifications when key dispatch milestones are achieved

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