Contract Management

Omni-linked contracts for intelligent logistics POs

Contracts Management is the process of creation and handling of contracts with one's customers and vendors.

Fero provides a single window to map contracts between the three parties (Customer, Vendor, and the service provider) so as to provide complete visibility in terms of the service parameters like source, destination, vehicle type, shipment type, product, commodity, and service type, etc.

contract management

Key Features

  • Contract creation with a combination of Slab, Flat and additional rates
  • Automated Contract Creation
  • Automated Renewal of Contracts
  • Customer-based Discounting
  • Notification on Whatsapp

Key Benefits

  • Increased Central Visibility
  • Increased Efficiency and Cost Saving
  • Direct Communication
  • Ensures Compliance
  • Avoiding potential contract disputes
  • Clarity in business relationships, agreements, and rights of parties

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