Charge Code Engine

Machine Learning - enabled charge code mapping

Charge code engine enables an organization or courier company to manage all the special types of charges or additional charges like overweight charges, Oversize, Remote area charges, etc., apart from the actual freight or shipping charges, that are applicable on different occasions.

Fero’s Machine Learning technology constantly learns and suggests the possible charges that may be applicable while invoicing in the form of a suggestion chip or a pop-up. This also serves as a reminder to add any charges that one might miss during the invoicing.

Key Features

  • Charge code master maintenance
  • Automated addition of charges while invoicing
  • HS Code and Special charges master
  • System threw suggestions on charges applicable.

Key Benefits

  • Helps manage all the charge types
  • Flexibility to add charges that were missed
  • System suggestions based on past data
  • Easy addition of charges while invoicing

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