Business Intelligence & Reporting (TiA)

Automated Governance of business KPIs by robots

Business Intelligence & Reporting is RPA-based business intelligence that monitors and analyses business and logistics KPIs 24/7, ensuring a human free control mechanism with timely feedback to various levels of stakeholders providing visibility and reporting.

The reporting modules connect various users on multiple open platforms to provide trigger-based and on-demand reporting on multiple functions.

business intelligence reporting tia

Key Features

  • Can be integrated with multiple ERPs, Software
  • Reporting on open systems such as Whatsapp, Google Assistant
  • Authentication based reporting
  • Coverage on multiple business and logistics functions

Key Benefits

  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • No-delay reporting to numerous internal and external stakeholders
  • Easy and effective decision making by utilizing on-demand reporting
  • Deferred and user-defined reporting
  • Event-based reporting
  • Centralized KPIs management

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