assets management

Modular level Machine Learning based asset allocation

Logistics Assets can be Own or Leased. Asset management is the process of managing and monitoring all types of assets with a systematic approach. It gives you a complete view of all the assets, like their idleness, utilization, maintenance, reconciliation, etc. Through Machine Learning (ML), the system helps us refine the risk, and extract data efficiently to generate accurate forecasts on Asset availability and Non-availability that might affect further planning. This helps the dispatchers to make an informed decision and take necessary actions.

Key Features

  • Asset tracking
  • Customer asset holding
  • Intelligent route planning through fleet scheduling and route optimization
  • Fleet management analysis
  • Driver and vehicle management
  • Visibility on vehicle maintenance schedule

Key Benefits

  • Real-time asset visibility results in transparent and efficient operation
  • Optimized operational cost
  • Better planning and decision making
  • Reduced freight expenses
  • Increased supply chain efficiency
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Enhanced customer experience

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