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In today's world, technology has a huge impact on our lives. Any location can be found on google maps, dinner can be ordered to your doorsteps, a flight ticket, or a taxi can be booked at an instance. All of that is done via digital platforms and is highly automated helping you save time and effort.

Many industries realized the importance of digitalization, onboarded the latest technology, and embraced a customer-centric approach. What about the Logistics and Transportation Sector and Global Freight movements?

Logistics has often been regarded as a legacy-driven sector, one of the least developed sectors when it comes to digital transformation and software automation.

At Fero, we focus on the pain points of day-to-day logistics and freight management. We understand the need for visibility, connectivity, and reliability for all intermediaries involved in global supply chains. Our modular solutions fill the gaps in operational processes and create a complete picture of what is happening in operation and a roadmap for action.

We created TiA, a Transport Intelligent Assistant, the world's 1st of its kind to solely focus on Logistics and Freight Transactions. TiA empowers teams with conversational AI and automates repetitive, coordination tasks.

We give our customers the tools to transform their operations, embracing a customer-centric approach with help of technologies - Speech Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Our Core Values


We are learners for life


Integrity, loyalty and dedication is our culture.


We create outcomes that speak


Fero was born

Everything started with the realization that a large and vastly relevant industry at the size of 10% of global GDP is still, albeit all technological advancements, highly dependent on manual and repetitive tasks.

The Transportation, Logistics, and Global Freight Sector had to be disrupted by up logistics and supply chain employees from repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks, allowing their teams to deliver a modern, dramatically better freight execution experience and enable businesses of all kinds to import and export globally by Road, Air or Sea.

Our founder Abhinav Chaudhary brought his knowledge and experience acquired from the DHL, a trucking aggregation start-up, and the Indian Army, rounded by 2 Masters's Degrees and an MIT education. He realized that the global logistics industry wasn’t reaping the benefits of smart software automation, which, if deployed correctly, would not only increase turnaround times but reduce the sector’s exposure to the risk of human error.



TiA - the first Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) for freight and logistics was born

TiA is software for intelligent freight rate management and online visibility for cost reduction and accelerate sales, bringing all operational processes to a single-window interface.



Artificial Intelligence Award 2019 at the Transport Logistics Middle East Excellence Awards

This award recognizes the best application of artificial intelligence technologies in transport and logistics operations.



TiA gets powered by Microsoft

"Microsoft for Startups is a free, global programme dedicated to helping B2B startups successfully scale their companies. We were really impressed with the passion the Fero.Ai team has for bringing the power of AI to the freight and logistics space, and we look forward to supporting the impact that the team has envisioned," said Roberto Croci, managing director, Microsoft for Startups MEA.



Rapid Growth

  • We have grown into a team of over 80 talented individuals
  • Expanded across 12 markets
  • Blue chip clients Bollore and DSV onboarded


Fero was recognized among the Top 10 Logistics Software Solution Providers in the region



Opening of the European Headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands