About Us

Agile. Efficient. Seamless.

Making Freight Transactions Automated, Globally.

Only Fero brings high-end technologies and industry expertise together to deliver a modern, dramatically better freight execution experience that enables businesses of all kinds to import and export globally, using their mode of choice, be it Road, Air or Sea.

About us

Fero aims to spearhead a new generation of technological transformation by shaping the  future of digital freight with the use of revolutionary automation systems such as narrow Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision & Blockchain to eliminate the need for human interaction in the logistics industry worldwide. Fero has created the world’s 1st Ai voice agent that will replace monotonous human interaction and optimize transactions in the freight and logistics

Our History

Our journey of making of making history has just begun.

Our Mission

Optimization and automation of freight transactions globally.

Our Vision

Bring unification and Artificial Intelligence enabled coordination to the global freight ecosystem.

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